Matthew 21:1-11
The countdown to the crucifixion.
Her past doesn't matter. 
Neither is yours. 
Giving Jesus your best is never a waste of your time.
He knew that, in a matter of days, He would be killed.
#1.    The Beginning of the end.
  • It was a declaration of intent and mission.
  • Every day brought Him closer to His day of earthly destiny.
  • Man’s bondage was about to be broken.
  • He knew what they did not know.
#2. His Word is sovereign. 
  • Why was He on a donkey? 
  • What was happening in their midst was a miracle of major proportion.
  • He, and His Word, are sovereign.
  • The Word arrived.
  • "Hold to God's Word in faith and watch the God-ordained results."
#3.    Praise is powerful. 
  • He is exalted and glorified because of who He is, and what He has done.
  • We know we have hope because of His resurrection.
  • "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."
  • Thanksgiving leads to praise, and together they lead us into God's presence. 
  • In His presence you will find strength for today and hope for tomorrow.