Listen to the Message

Psalms 100
"As you go through life, make this your goal...look at the donut and not the hole."
Some people go through life or seasons of life focused on what's missing instead of the good things they do have.
People have always grumbled and complained.
He was the one protecting and sustaining them.
Focused on self.
A grumbler is never satisfied with what they already have.
They've got their PHD in criticism and a Masters in nitpicking.
A grumbler always has an excuse.
A grumbler thinks life is rigged against them.
A grumbler...misses the donut because they're focused on the hole.
"This week...nothing!"
We can easily become complacent
"The Cure For A Grumbling Heart."
#1. Stop Shouting At The Hole.
  • Praise makes a grumbling heart begin to crumble.
  • "Shout with the force of a trumpet blast!"
  • "Praising God in a loud voice!" (Luke 17:15)
  • "Shout for joy."
#2. Change Your Tune
  • You can't get rid of a grumbling heart until change your tune.
  • You can't worship and grumble in the same breath.
  • Worship / Thanksgiving is more than lip-service.
#3. Change Your Perspective
  • A change of pace & change of place = a change of perspective.
  • "Every good and perfect gift comes from above."
  • Living life with the right perspective is so liberating!
  • He's God and I can trust Him.
#4. Enjoy The Donut
  • But once you take a is sweet!
  • "As you go through life, make this your goal...look at the donut and not the hole."
  • We have so much to be thankful for
  • Give Thanks That God Is Good
  • Everything created by God is good.
  • It is His nature to be kind, generous, merciful, and loving.
  • Give Thanks Because God’s Love Endures Forever
  • "A strong affection or attachment or devotion to a person or persons."
  • "GOD is love."
  • There is nothing you could do to make Him love you more.
  • There is nothing you could ever do to make God love you less.
  • Give Thanks Because God’s Faithfulness Never Runs Out
  • GOD IS FAITHFUL...without end!
  • Because God is faithful........
  • You can be grateful...because God can be counted on!