Listen to the Message

Haggai 1:2

"The time is now."
"I thought I'd be further down the road than I am now."
"That’s Jehovah God that we served."
#1. There was nothing left.
They had one mission, and it was to rebuild the temple.
"It's time to rebuild and complete the temple."
"Look what YOUR kids have done!
They assumed the time was not right because they received opposition.
The closer you get to God, the greater the opposition will be.
#2. There’s more to build on than we can see.
With God’s help, choose the hard right over the easy wrong.
"God, with Your help, empower me to choose the hard right over the easy wrong."
But it's hard and right to forgive others as Christ has forgiven you.
What is it that you know God told you to do?
You chose the easy wrong, just a small step of disobedience.
#3. God’s time table is right above everything else.
"Give careful thought to your ways."
He is against us putting nice things ahead of Him.
He doesn’t want nice things to have us.
It's not always easy to do what we know to do.
"Give careful thought to your ways."
   1. Go up into the mountains.
   2. Bring down the timber.
   3. Build My house.
"Don't worry about that."
We are to work by faith and not by sight.
The outcome is God's responsibility.
Believe that God will bring a miracle to pass.
Now is the time to put that on the altar.