Listen to the Message 

Proverbs 14:1
Moms  your influence never ends. 
"People are what their mothers make them." 
Ultimately, the choices that your children make are their own choices. 
1. Continue to Pray.
  • "God help you if you ever do that again."
  • Your commitment to prayer teaches them the power of prayer. 
2. Continue to Build.
  • Your words have special power. 
  • Continue to speak into your children's lives. 
  • A mother shouldn't hesitate to encourage her children to live up to their potential .
  • Children should be willing to listen to their mother.
3. Continue to hang in there.
  • When your child fails, you can make sure that they never fail alone. 
  • The truth is that the world will never know the sacrifices you've made and the prices that you've paid.