Listen to the Message 

Matthew 28:1-9
#1. It was God's agenda, and it was Jesus' agenda.
  • Sunday was an absolute game changer.
  • "Jesus Christ is risen."
  • "He is risen indeed."
  • It was the greatest sacrifice known to man.
  • On Sunday, hell was defeated, death was dethroned, and the tomb was empty.
  • As a result of Sunday, hope soared, and love won.
  • "Greetings."
  • "What do you think were Jesus' first words to the disciples after He was raised from the dead?" 
  • "Ta da!" 
#2. Everything changed because of Sunday.
  • Exactly what DID NOT happen.
  • He was a "would be" Messiah whom Rome wanted to stop.
  • They were furious when they heard about the resurrection.
  • Jesus is alive and well!
  • Why?
#3. Because the future has now changed forever.
  • It's a part of the new creation because of the resurrection.
  • "We saw Him."
  • You have to go through Friday in order to get to Sunday.

    #4. Sunday is the day when the gift of salvation is revealed.
  • That's a brand-new story.
  • My old nature has been conquered by a new nature.
  • It means to morph, to change.
  • He gives me a new identity.
  • How about you?