Listen to the Message

Mark 1:16-18 
Positive Relationships + Proper Environment = Spiritual Growth.
Jesus is accessible to everyone .
Jesus who can't be defined by others .
Jesus is focused, driven, and task-oriented.
He had been connected to the ministry of John the Baptist 
We can know Him only casually from a distance. 
We can know Him only slightly through books. 
We really get to know Him by following Him.
1. What It Means to Follow
  • Jesus is making it clear that the life of discipleship is not a life of 
  • just thinking and knowing and discussing ideological principles, it's a life of living them out.
  • My point is that we need to stand in evaluation of ourselves. 
  • It means that we have absolutely no room for arrogance or condescension, no room for pride or self-righteousness, no room for an unforgiving spirit. 
2. How Your Life Can Have Meaning. 
  • All things being equal, wouldn't you rather have a job with significance than one without? 
  • He told them instead of fishing for fish, they could be fishing for men. 
  • Your won't spend your life merely supporting the local economy, you'll invest your life building the world's community. 
  • Follow me, and your life will go from mediocrity to meaning. 
3. Begin today, right where you are.
  • At once. 
  • Don't wait till you're perfect or your circumstances are perfect — they never will be. 
  • He calls us to follow Him now . 
  • He wants you to encounter Him, to know Him, to experience Him, to become like Him. 
  • Make an effort to experience His presence and fullness. 
  • "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose."