Listen to the Message

Colossians 3:1-11
The nation's focus shifts from prosperity to dealing with conflicting ideals and values.
"A house divided against itself can't stand." (Matthew 12:25)
If you are waging a civil war against yourself, ultimately your life will fall apart.
It requires that we live with a focus.
It means that your head and your heart have to be moving in the same direction—or else inner conflict will erupt.
"You can't serve two masters." (Matthew 6:24)
You have to set your heart on Christ, and your mind on Christ.
#1. Hanging on to the past
  • "How can I eliminate sin completely from my life?"
  • Now we have a new way of thinking.
#2. Mixing up priorities
  • One thing that prevents us from living a focused life is forgetting what really is important.
  • People who keep their priorities in order, keep their lives in order.
  • Christ isn't merely your top priority, He is your life.
  • "If you want something that is consistent with my will for your life, it's yours."
  • Ask God to change your heart.
  • Ask God to give you the strength to do right regardless of how you feel.
#3. Underestimating the destructive power of sin.
  • As long as you believe some sins can be overlooked, you will continue to lose the inner civil war.
  • He wants you focused on Him, without obstacles.
  • Set your heart and your mind on the things of God.