Listen to the Message

Col 2:16-23
You will hear conflicting opinions.
"How to Lose Weight Without Eating."
There are a number of conflicting ideas in the areas of religion and spirituality.
A guide to living in a non-Christian culture.
He shows us how to protect ourselves
1. Don't get side-swiped.
  • Somebody blind-sides you and tells you that you are all wrong.
  • All I know is that Jesus said to be baptized, and I was baptized.
  • Each of us will give an account of himself to God.
  • (Romans 14:12)
2. Don't get side-lined.
  • They've become ineffectual as Christians.
  • They're no longer growing spiritually, they're just accumulating information.
  • If you can't follow you can't lead.
  • If you can't be taught, you can't teach.
  • We continue to grow only as long as we stay connected to Christ.
3. Don't get side-tracked.
  • The emphasis of the Christian life is fellowship with Christ.
  • Rules do not create morality; having rules in the head is no substitute for obedience from the heart.
  • It's not about abiding by a checklist, it's about abiding in Christ.
  • The Christian life is not a set of rules; it's a relationship.
  • A successful marriage is based on a relationship with a foundation of love, commitment, and trust.
  • You connect to Christ, and allow Him to become the focus of your existence.