Listen to the Message

Col 1:24-29
Success is not about living an easy life; it's about living a great life.
Each of these individuals will share certain characteristics—certain beliefs and attitudes—that contributed to their success.
Influence - not position or power - makes a leader successful.
There is also a difference between power and success.
More than just having things or doing things, success can be defined as "living a great life."
It means living a life that makes a difference.
1. You must be willing to suffer.
  • "Faithfulness in public suffering is the bait that wins men for our school."
  • The blood of the martyrs became the seed of the Church.
  • If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to suffer.
  • If you want to be successful, you must be tough.
2. You must be willing to serve.
  • If Jesus came to serve others, then we have to serve.
  • Success is not a life of privilege; it's a life of service.
  • A leader who loves people devotes his life to serving them; this attitude leads ultimately to success.
3. You must be willing to struggle.
  • True success requires a lifelong willingness to remain in the struggle.
  • We tend to think that when you get to a certain level of achievement you've got it made—and that isn't how it is at all.
  • Success requires a commitment to hard work.
  • Our goal is to live a great life.