Believing For The Impossible

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Listen to the Message
For some being told that something is impossible is simply a challenge!
“Do it anyway and stay at it until you succeed.” Henry Ford
His refusal to acknowledge the Impossible laid the foundation for turning an idea into a working design. 
“This Who I Am and What I Do.”
Are there ‘impossible’ circumstances in my life God is allowing for His own purpose?
Will I trust Him with my fate, my destiny?
1. God set up His people in an Impossible situation so all the world could see and know His power. 
  • “It’s all about serving people. If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.”
  • God had a plan that would let the Jews and the Egyptians see again His power. 
  • Are there ‘impossible’ circumstances in my life that God wants to use to bring Himself honor?
  • Compared to the tomorrow’s that filled their imagination, yesterday’s difficulties seemed desirable. 
  • Their fear erased any sense of God’s presence
  • While we are in the grip of our fearful imagination, faith is gone. 
1. Don’t be afraid 
2. Stand firm
3. See God’s deliverance as He fights for you
4. Be Still!
In every pressure situation the wisest choice is to get emotions under control, assess the difficulties and resources, and develop a plan. 
Faith has to be operational. 
Impossible situations can become possible miracles
Some of the worlds greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible.