What Faith Can Do

Listen to the Message
Throughout history, people have tried all kinds of crazy things to make God happy. 
Do you think people know how to make God happy?
Without faith it is impossible to please God... Hebrews 11:6
“Not only do I believe that God is real, I also believe that He is personal, so I’m going to live for Him instead of living for myself.”
That’s why faith pleases God, and why God rewards faith. 
1. Promises Become Reality
  • This means Abraham put his faith in God.
  • When we put our faith absolutely in God, His promises become reality. 
  • Our faith gives us the opportunity to see God’s promises become reality. 
2. The Impossible Become Possible
  • Faith results in our seeing the impossible become possible. 
  • There is too much evidence that anything is possible with God.
3. Bad People Become Good
  • God helps us change from being bad to being good. 
  • He calls us “safe” even though was deserve to be called “out”  
  • He works with us in order to make us better players. 
  • Faith is always stronger than failure. 
  • The best way to handle the feelings of failure is with an honest but positive attitude. 
  • Choose faith, because faith generates hope, and hope always sees a star.