The Power of Determination

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Nehemiah 6:15-16
Determination mays a difference!
“Am I willing to live my life for Jesus Christ, regardless of the cost, regardless of what obstacles may come at me and regardless of the opposition that I am sure to face?”
“ the wall was finished.”
He kept going regardless of what opposition came at him. 
We just don’t stick to things very well today. 
I want to talk about the victories!
How can I stay determined?
1. I must keep my eye on God!
  • The pressures of life can either push you towards God or can pull you away from God!
  • Why should I come down when I am doing a great work for God?
  • At the end of the day our reward is that hopefully we have attempted to please God and to be more like Jesus Christ. 
  • He is about Life, Hope, Comfort and Health
  • Purpose separates worthwhile determination from the futile. 
2. Others will help me and I must help others!
  • How inspiring that must have been. 
  • “If I’m going to fail I’m going to fail while daring greatly.” T. Roosevelt 
3. When I am winning, I cannot let down!
  • Don’t give up! Don’t give up!
  • Progress not perfection. 
  • If only the will to walk is there - God is pleased with our stumbles. CS Lewis
  • What He is looking for us the will to walk with Him.