When Things Seem Impossible

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Listen to the Message
Exodus 14
They were right where God wanted them to be.
Recognize God's Purpose for your problem.
  • He wants to accomplish 2 things:
  • He wants to make known His glory to others (v. 4)
  • And He wants to teach you to trust Him more (v. 31).
  • You can come through this ordeal with faith stronger than you've ever had before.
Retain God's Perspective on the situation.
  • But they had already forgotten that and now they were convinced that this was the end.
  • This shows our tendency to lose God's perspective on a situation.
  • The Red Sea you are facing is not the impasse that you think it is.
Rely on God's Promise.
  • One of the most difficult aspects of facing a Red Sea is dealing with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.
  • When you're facing a Red Sea you've got to rely on God's promise.
He promises the problem will be completely eradicated.
He promises to fight for you.
  • Fear not.
  • This means that you can choose to not be afraid.
  • Stand firm.
  • Be still.
  • Being still involves blocking out all distractions.
Rest In God's Protection.
  • You will see how God has kept His hand on you, in spite of the difficulties.
Reach for God's Power.
  • If you're willing to stretch, you will experience a miracle.
  • If you reach for God's power, He will supply it.
You don't have to fight the army and you don't have to conquer the sea in your own strength.