What Do You Think Of Yourself

Listen to the Message
Ephesians 3:1-12
We have His Word to give us direction and His Spirit to give us strength. 
One of God’s greatest gifts is the gift of a second chance. 
I am not an important person but I have an important job to do. 
1. Live With A Since Of Purpose 
  • Paul gave his life to preaching the gospel. 
  • Your purpose wasn’t created to serve you — you were created to serve your purpose. 
2. Live With A Since Of Humility 
  • He would not allow himself to become too important in his own eyes. 
  • Our tendency is to act as if we’re the center of the universe. 
  • Sometimes we forget to live with a sense of humility. 
  • The Lakers shifted their focus from winning to whining. 
  • “The Disease of Me leads to the Defeat of Us.” Pat Riley
  • When we put our egos ahead of our responsibilities we lose — and we lose big. 
3. Live With A Sense Of Wonder. 
  • Paul didn't fool himself into thinking that he was doing God a favor by being His servant.
  • The first is smugness--thinking that God is lucky to have us on His team.
  • The second is self pity — complaining about our lot in life and the limitations we must face. 
  • Why did God place me in this time, this place, this situation?
  • If you’re willing God can use you for His glory.