Developing Your Spiritual Life

Listen to the Message
Matthew 15:1-20

"You can be straight as a gun barrel doctrinally, but be empty spiritually."

If you want to be right with God, you have to move beyond the

limits of external religious behavior and embrace inner spirituality.

Being religious isn't enough.

They give more credence to what their church teaches than to what the Bible teaches.

1. There is no loophole for obedience.

  • Korban, which means, "sacrificed to God."
  • "If you do something wrong, it absolves me of doing right."
  • Too often we try to justify our sin by using someone else's behavior as a loophole.

2. There is no substitute for love.

  • God holds us to an extremely high standard.
  • When we love Him, the "problem" of obedience takes care of itself.
  • He wants heartfelt devotion, and there's no substitute for it.
  • Let loving God be your number one goal.

3. There is no replacement for purity.

  • Jesus is saying it as plainly as it can be said: externals don't matter.
  • Cleaning up on the outside will not change you on the inside.
  • In order to be pure before God, we must have our heart changed.
  • The packaging is secondary; what really matters is what's on the inside.
  • In order to keep growing in Christ, we have to keep digging deeper—all the way to the heart.
  • The Christian life is not a solo act.
  • God expects us to use the gifts, talents, and opportunities He gives us to benefit others.

Worship helps me focus on God;

Fellowship helps me face life's problems;

Discipleship helps me fortify my faith;

Ministry helps me find my talents;

Evangelism helps me fulfill my mission.