Faith and the Power of God

Listen to the Message
Mark 9
Most of us want to live in the excitement of the highs in our lives. 
Our faith is not the kind that thrives in the assault of unbelieving and unkind people. 
They (Pharisees) were a determined, embittered and hateful group of people. 
Their aim is to mislead, defeat, discourage, enslave and destroy us. 
You cannot trust Satan or his servants. 
1. There is the powerfulness of the unbelief in this story. 
  • Many people are comfortable in their unbelief. 
  • Unbelief cannot please God. 
2. Here is the clear statement of the power of faith. 
  • "If you can do anything, have compassion in us and help us." (Mk 9:22b)
  • "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believe." (Mk. 9:23)
  • If we truly believe in God and in Jesus, we will believe in this book -- the Bible. 
  • He recognizes his faith and yet also his weakness and pleads for help, for real faith. 
  • We do not need to think that we are hypocrites because our faith is not perfect  
  • Do I believe God can do anything?
  • Do I believe that God will do what He has promised hat he will do
  • Jesus responded to this faith and He dealt with this situation. 
  • What they cannot possess and control, they will seem to destroy. 
  • Power comes to the people of God when there is faith. 
  • Hebrews 11:6
3. There is a relationship between this kind of faith and what we do in our Christian lives. 
  • Faith must exercise itself in communication with God and personal sacrifice. 
  • If we want to do anything significant for God we are going to have to be willing to spend time with Him and sacrifice some things for him. 
  • Those who do not believe will not pray. 
  • The person who does not pray is living in unbelief. 
  • We will walk in obedience and in surrender to God. 
  • He will empower us.