Who Do You Listen To?

Listen to the Message

Matthew 16
Because a little teaching can affect a lot of behavior, we need to be on guard. 
It's the principle of influence: Who do you listen to, and how do you allow their words to affect your behavior?
This symbolized to them that they were not to them that were not to take the influence of pagan Egypt with them into the Promise Land. 
I "little bit" of teaching can have a big influence on the life. 
We have score of influences to choose from in every area of life. 
1. Choose your teachers carefully. 
  • How do you choose who you are going to allow to influence you?
  • Biblical Authority 
  • Results 
  • What kind of fruit is evident in their life?
  • You're looking for someone who can help produce results in others. 
2. Learn to listen with a filter. 
  • "When I eat chicken, I spit out the bone."
  • Listen with a filter, how does it measure up biblically.
  • They did not emphasis the need for true, heart felt-deep devotion to God. 
  • It shows how a common hatred can cause enemies to come together on certain terms. 
  • 1 John 5:1
  • "Is this teaching consistent with the teaching of the Bible?"
  • The Bible is our sole authority, and it serves as our filter for discerning truth. 
3. Ultimately, what you believe is your responsibility. 
  • If you believe a lie you are the one that will suffer the consequences, so accept responsibility for what you believe. 
  • We need teachers -- people who can help us get from point A to point B in our journey. 
  • But we must remember that a little bit of teaching influences a lot of behavior. 
  • We must remember we're responsible for what we believe, so we must strive to learn truth